The Melbourne 2018 Programe offers the opportunity to visit outstanding organisations and experience first hand how they deliver exceptional care. They also provide skill based training workshops with internationally renowned experts in quality improvement. Many international speakers were invited to the event and our ClinTrial Refer Rural NSW app manager Stephen Millard from Orange Hospital who was awarded the Premiers Award for "Outstanding Clinical Trial Site" in NSW spoke at the event. 

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On the Mornings with Wendy Harmer, Dr Norman Swan explains the basics of clinical trials. “Survival is higher when you are on a clinical trial.” Skip to 6:50 if you would like to listen to how ClinTrial Refer helps to connect patients to trials.


Looking back on a report produced by ANZCTR for 2005-2015, it provides a comprehensive assessment of clinical trial activity in Australia. The Australian Government has made large contributions towards the clinical research scene since 2005. The ANZCTR has done a magnificent job in promoting clinical trials. ClinTrial Refer is honored to be a contributing factor in helping in this regard (for more details download the document and read page 2).


In 2016 the Clinical Trials Stream was awarded a $40,000 grant from Sydney Health Partners to accelerate the development of the Sydney Health Partners ClinTrial Refer app.

A new handbook is released combining several guidance documents (Access to unapproved therapeutic goods - Clinical Trials in Australia, October 2004; Human Research Ethics Committees and the Therapeutic Goods Legislation, June 2001; Australian Clinical Trials Handbook, March 2006) into one handbook. It can be downloaded via this link 


Roslyn Ristuccia at the Sydney Innovation and Research Symposium 2017 highlighting published results on the effectiveness of ClinTrial Refer apps.

A new report reveals Australia ranks in the top tier of national clinical trial activity with more than 10,000 clinical trials conducted between 2006-2015, with cancer the most frequently studied health issue.  

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WhiMSICAL is a global clinical trial inviting Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia (WM) patients to provide their clinical data which will help advance current knowledge and understanding of this disease. CART-WHEEL (Center for Analysis of Rare Tumors) is a database designed to address some of the barriers facing effective research into rare cancers. Show your support and spread the word. If you are a WM patient or know of one, send them to and complete a simple survey. 

Held on Thursday 26 and Friday 27 October 2017 at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, this unique stat​ewide gathering showcased local innovation that has made a difference to patient care across New South Wales. Around 1000 clinicians, consumers, academics, Board members and managers from health services, non-government and professional organisations came together to share expertise, celebrate achievement and look towards the future.

MTPConnect released a report in June 2017 providing an overview of the entire clinical trials scene in Australia. It highlights significant contribution that clinical trials makes to the Australian economy and provides an evaluation on Australia's strong competitive position in the world market. 


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The ClinTrial Refer SHP App was successfully launched on the 18th of October 2017 at the annual SHP forum.

The Sydney Health Partners ClinTrial app is the first to include trials from a range of different disciplines - including cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, psychiatry - rather than being specific to one type of cancer.

We would like to thank all members of the Haematology Clinical Research Network. “This project has been instrumental in increasing enrolment to clinical trials- a great breakthrough. It is our patients that are benefitting. Being referred to a hospital for a clinical trial is a team effort.” Roslyn Ristuccia
Second Place: The other winners are Judith Trotman and Roslyn Ristuccia of Australia who developed the app ClinTrial Refer, which increases the cross-referral of patients between hospitals by enhancing doctors' knowledge of current trials. The use of this app has increased trial recruitment by more than 50 percent. ClinTrial Refer enhances communication among oncologists, trial units and potential patients. "The ClinTrial Refer app allows networks of trial units to collaborate and contribute current listings about recruiting trials. The app is free to download and be-comes the clinician's best resource," Trotman said. "The main barrier to improving recruitment is doctors knowing where and how to refer patients. Now they can look up current information within seconds, during a consultation visit. Patients can gather the knowledge they need for decisions on all available treatment options at"

Wednesday, 1 November, we had the privilege to be invited to be a panellist on a discussion about patient engagement in clinical trials at the Medical Technology Association of Australia’s (MTAA) annual medtech industry conferenceMedTech 2017. 

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(Panellists (L to R): Janelle, Tanya, Lillian, Roslyn, Melanie, and Tina)

The survey results are in, we would like to thank all those that participated. We hope to make this a regular exercise to help steer ClinTrial Refer in the right direction.




Congratulations go to Orange Clinical Trials Centre in Central West New South Wales on being selected to receive the 2017 Award. 

Dr Teresa Anderson's Sydney Health Partner presentation at the 2016 NHMRC Symposium on Research Translation. ClinTrial Refer slide at 8:35.




The announcement today of $750,000 in funding for the ClinTrial Refer Australia app project will boost the recruitment of patients to clinical trials Australia-wide.

This funding will allow ClinTrial Refer Australia to develop a new IT platform to integrate derivative apps; create one combined database; enable electronic referrals; link to Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (ANZCTR); and build a national solution to clinical trials recruitment.  

MTP Connect* – the Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Industry Growth Centre – has announced $375,000 funding for the project over two years, with matched provisional funding of $375,000 coming from the sector.

In this radio interview, hear Dr Hilda High speaking to Steve Price on 2GB about The Cancer Genetics Fund and hereditary cancer research.


Dr Hilda High works hard to provide equity of access to cancer genetics services and cancer research trials wherever people live in Australia. Listen to Julie McCrossin interview Hilda, 


A Cooperative Group Committed To Lymphoma Research

The Lymphoma Study Association (LYSA) launches the ClinTrial Refer Lysa App

ClinTrial Refer is very excited to announce the launch of the LYSA app in France.