Dr Teresa Anderson's Sydney Health Partner presentation at the 2016 NHMRC Symposium on Research Translation. ClinTrial Refer slide at 8:35.



Lymphoma Australia feel very proud that we have been able to fund the ClinTrial Refer website.

In this radio interview, hear Dr Hilda High speaking to Steve Price on 2GB about The Cancer Genetics Fund and hereditary cancer research.



An App to Increase Cross-Referral and Recruitment to Melanoma Clinical Trials (Maria Gonzalez). For more information visit:


A Cooperative Group Committed To Lymphoma Research

The Lymphoma Study Association (LYSA) launches the ClinTrial Refer Lysa App

ClinTrial Refer is very excited to announce the launch of the LYSA app in France.


World Lymphoma Awareness Day is only one week away and it's time to take action.

This world-wide event aims to raise awareness of lymphoma, motivate community action to know the signs and symptoms and raise funds.

The Australian Breakthrough Cancer (ABC) Study needs your help to investigate the causes of cancer and other diseases by completing an online questionnaire and providing a saliva sample (via post).

You can get involved if you're:

  • An Australian resident
  • Aged 40 to 74 years
  • Have never been diagnosed with cancer



Congratulations to Mark Lacey and the Central Coast Local Health District for winning the Innovation in Cancer Clinical Trials Award. 

In 2015, Central Coast Local Health District (LHD)  had a three fold increase in the recruitment of cancer patients to interventional cancer clinical trials.

COSA is pleased to release the national implementation guide for the Australasian Tele-trial Model

Rolland Suen has been appointed as the ClinTrial Refer Project Manager.

Research Essentials has been a collaborative process involving some 60 contributors across science, research

The ClinTrial Refer team is very excited to be one of 6 finalists in the HEROX competition “clinical trial Innovation Prize.


Linking patients with researchers regardless of postcode

The Cancer Genetics Fund launches the ClinTrial Refer Cancer Genetics App

The majority of eligible rural and regional Australians are not involved in research. Dr Hilda High, Genetic Oncologist, explained: “I do a lot of Telehealth to rural and regional areas of Australia. Many of patients and families are very keen to be involved in research.