An online information resource will be available for families deciding whether to enrol into a paediatric oncology clinical trial, thanks to Dr Eden Robertson who has led the Delta project. As part of the Delta project, Dr Robertson has developed a short animation to inform families and young people with cancer about clinical trials.

Some of the principal challenges of recruiting clinical trial participants is managing patients’ and families’ uncertainty about the trial, and misunderstandings what the trial means for them and their family. Dr Robertson, from UNSW Medicine, is working to ensure that all patients and families have access to understandable, balanced and evidence-based information when making a clinical trial enrolment decision.
DR Eden

"This short animation provides a general overview of what a clinical trial is, with a focus on the three different types or phases of clinical trials. We hope that this animation will facilitate discussion between the patient, family and treating team.”

For more information, please feel free to reach out to Dr Eden Robertson.
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