Roslyn Ristuccia (BSc GradDipCompSc; MSc(ClinEpi);)

Co-Inventor, ClinTrial Refer

Roslyn was the Clinical Research Unit Manager at Cancer Care Center, St George Hospital, NSW, Australia. With a background in laboratory science in biotechnology, quality management and nanotechnology, she made a switch to clinical research and now has over 25 years of management expertise in this area.

She was a senior lecturer at University of Sydney in post graduate studies in Clinical Data Management. She has a passion for databases, quality standards, and for collaboration.

It was this drive for collaboration that led her to chair a state-wide Trial Managers Network, where her idea for ClinTrial Refer was able to be realised. With co-inventor, Dr Judith Trotman, the combination of trial units and doctors precipitated change for the better for patients.

ClinTrial Refer has enabled doctors to have current and comprehensive information about recruiting trials in their pocket- to be used at point of consultation. Patients are offered all options available to them. Trial units recruit more quickly and reach targets, and patients benefit from new emerging therapies. Doctors are able to change the way that they refer to trials because they have the trial knowledge and contact details available quickly.



Professor Judith Trotman

Co-Inventor, ClinTrial Refer

Professor Judith Trotman, Director, Haematology Clinical Research Unit, Concord Hospital, Sydney is committed to ongoing recognition and promotion of both investigator initiated and industry collaborations in clinical trials research.  As a Board member of the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA), as member of the Australasian Leukaemia Group (ALLG) Scientific Advisory Committee, and as principal investigator on several international clinical trials she has insight to the challenges and opportunities faced in clinical research.  Supporting the breadth of the ALLG’s lymphoma portfolio she has secured funding for and led collaborations with the French (PET in PRIMA, REMARC), UK (RATHL, PETReA) and Italian (FOLLCOLL) lymphoma trials groups, and with industry partners: Celgene (RePLy) & Janssen (IRiC).  Dr Trotman’s primary research focus has been demonstrating the predictive power of PET response assessment in lymphoma and on the basis of her data across several trials she was successful in obtaining Medicare funding of PET for indolent lymphoma. She is leading two international patient-derived-data initiatives: WhiMSICAL in Waldenstrӧms; and a My Hodgkin’s, My Health App to collect long term follow-up data for patients in the RATHL study and other trials. Recognising the central role of study coordinators in clinical research she partnered with them in developing ClinTrial Refer, a ground-breaking App that has facilitated coordinator/clinician collaboration in a sustained eight-fold increase in cross-referral and 30% increased recruitment to haematology trials in NSW.



Christine Zahren, MAppSc (Acu), BSN, RN

Business Development Manager, ClinTrial Refer

Christine has a background in nursing with over 25yrs experience in the healthcare Industry. She has worked in various areas including aged care, acute care, rehabilitation medicine, dermatology specialist clinics, and surgery.  Christine has extensive experience as a clinical trial nurse coordinator, and spent 5 years managing the Dermatology Clinical Trials Unit at the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc in Victoria.  She also holds a Master of Applied Science in Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) and spent 4 years in private practice.

Christine joined the ClinTrial Refer team in August 2019 following a merger agreement between her participant recruitment company ‘Clinical Trials Connect’ and ‘ClinTrial Refer’. The move was part of a joint vision to provide a central hub where people could access current clinical trial information. There were clear benefits to both organisations in uniting and working collaboratively to resolve the recruitment issues facing Industry and patients.

Christine is also the Co-founder and Director of the White Coats Foundation which is a NFP dedicated to supporting the discovery of better health through awareness, and currently works one day a week as a Trials Strategy and Development Consultant at The Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc.

Christine is passionate about helping advance medical research and ensuring that people have access to medications and new therapies in their development phase.