7th November, 2018 


 Clinical Trials Connect is merging with ClinTrial Refer to provide a more comprehensive platform for access to current clinical trial information

 “There is a need to centralise access to current clinical trial information.  Knowledge relating to current clinical trials is incomplete, random and siloed. Clinical Trials Connect is merging with ClinTrial Refer to deliver a central hub where the public, health care professionals and researchers can unite with the single purpose of accessing current clinical trial activity”- Christine Zahren



ClinTrial Refer

ClinTrial Refer (CTR) is an award-winning mobile app and website platform that helps doctors and patients connect with current recruiting trials. ClinTrial Refer first launched in May 2013 and was initially set up to assist recruitment for Haematology and Oncology trials in NSW. A nine fold sustained increase in cross-referrals for trials was achieved in these areas. Now the app is being used as a template for other disciplines and conditions, including healthy volunteer trials.

There are 21 Apps in the ClinTrial Refer network across a variety of indications including breast cancer, prostate cancer and melanoma. Sydney Health Partners and SPHERE are recent licensees in the CTR stable and have introduced a variety of therapeutic areas to the platform, outside of cancer, throughout NSW. 

Currently, discipline specific ClinTrial Refer Apps can be downloaded individually. There are over 850+sites in the platform and growing. Most sites are in Australia and New Zealand, however there is also a ClinTrial Refer Lymphoma network in France, and growing International interest.  

ClinTrial Refer, Version 2 Platform Upgrade

The 2017 round of the MTPConnect Project Fund Program provided $7.18 million of funding for 19 national projects in the medtech, biotech and pharmaceutical (MTP) sector that could leverage $14.91 million in industry partner funds.  South Eastern Sydney Local Health district was the consortium lead for the ClinTrial Refer application and was successfully awarded funding for a total project value of $750,000 in the 2017 round.   ClinTrial Refer consortium members include Clinical Trials Connect, University of Sydney, Linear, SLHD, ACTA, ANZCTR, Research4 Me, Amgen and Canteen.

This project funding will allow for the development of a new IT platform to integrate the current 21 derivative apps and deliver a combined database with new search functions and linkage to the ANZCTR. The new platform is expected to be available early 2019.

Clinical Trials Connect

Clinical Trials Connect (CTC) was launched in 2008 and was established by registered nurses Christine Zahren and Mary Pym.  The service aimed to provide better access to recruiting trials. CTC helped connect people in the Australian and New Zealand community to current clinical trials and delivered recruitment solutions to researchers.

CTC successfully serviced both commercially sponsored and public good research and has worked with companies like CSL to supply scientists with fresh blood samples to support research and development of new medicines designed to treat cancer, cardiovascular, metabolic, inflammatory and immune deficiency related diseases. With over 900 individual volunteers donating to this project alone CTC is proud to have enabled significant progress to be made in the development of a number of new medicines.

Testimonials from satisfied CTC clients include, Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc., Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia, Monash Institute of Medical Research, Brain Sciences Institute, Swinburne University, BioAssets, and Jansen Cilag to name a few.  

CTC merges 10years of experience, Industry knowledge, networks and patient communities with ClinTrial Refer. CTC Director, Christine Zahren also joins the ClinTrial Refer team and will manage business development activities. Christine Zahren has worked in health care for over 25 years in various areas of the industry including aged care, acute care, rehabilitation medicine, dermatology specialist clinics, surgery and research. She also currently holds a position with The Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc. as a Trials Strategy and Development Consultant and is the co-founder and Director of White Coats Foundation-a NFP dedicated to supporting the discovery of better health.

The CTC database community will be provided with the option to join the ClinTrial Refer community.

The iconic CTC platform will close on the 28th of November, 2018 but its legacy will live on in the exciting new relationship formed with ClinTrial Refer.

Thank-you to all CTC clients and volunteer members for the wonderful support over the years.  We look forward to bringing you a new generation of access and service to meet your needs.


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