COSA is pleased to release the national implementation guide for the Australasian Tele-trial Model

which was endorsed by COSA Council in August. This document has been developed by the COSA Regional and Rural Group in consultation with clinical trial sponsors, clinicians, health administrators and regulatory bodies. The model uses teleoncology to enable clinicians from larger centres (primary sites) to enrol, consent and treat patients on clinical trials at regional and rural centres (satellite sites). The benefits are not limited to regional areas, with the same model having the potential to connect larger centres (even within the same city) and improve the rate of recruitment to highly specialised clinical trials such as those for rare cancers. The next step will be to further develop the core principles of the model, particularly in regards to research governance, through the selection of suitable trials from cancer trials groups and industry. COSA would like to thank Professor Sabe Sabesan who has been the driving force behind this important initiative.