Research Essentials has been a collaborative process involving some 60 contributors across science, research

and education sectors in Australia and has been designed to be flexible, affordable and contemporary. Students can elect their own exit and entry points across the 68 modules and electives, based on their role, area of research activity, disciplinary expertise (where relevant) and current and future needs. We have designed a purpose built interface that allows students to nominate a study pathway – or alternately a program can be tailored for them based on their relevant areas of need and current practice. It is simple, fast and totally flexible. There are so many great options for study coordinators and Research Managers, which is of course, my background. The model is based around work done by Harvard MRCT who had developed a competency framework for research professionals. This work was the result of an international body of contributors and has now been used across many regions to create other training packages. PRAXIS is the Australian partner of the Harvard MRCT group and we have been invited to deliver our model to the next meeting of international collaborators at the annual meeting to be held in Boston later this year. This is an ongoing initiative and we are collecting various data that will help to guide future modifications to this model locally and will be provided back to the group at future meetings. The model and competencies that we have developed are also consistent with the preliminary work done by the NHMRC - with whom we continue to speak regarding the different ways in which can work collaboratively for the benefit of the entire research community. Any of the 68 modules can also be delivered as a face to face workshop.

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