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Another patient testimonial...

CLL patient Jody Trouncer says:  ‘Chemo treatment for your blood cancer running out of steam? NSW Health’s app ClinTrial Refer for iPhone or Android will guide you and your haematologist to the clinical trial of a new drug best suited to your needs. My clinical trial drug has now given me two years of extra life, and I’m looking forward to more!’


Steve Mc Guigan 53 y.o Dorrigo NSW, ”I live 600 kilometres away but because my Haematologist searched ClinTrial Refer I could participate in this trial. With everyone so connected and working together I feel safe and trust the medical system. For two years I’ve had a bit of a win, more than a bit of a win, this is life changing and really joyous for me. Targeted drugs are the future and I am excited to be a part of it. Now I have a future, it is a bright one for myself and for the team”.


 Prof Jonathan Morris, Sydney NSW,  says: "Following diagnosis of my rare disease by Dr Sen Renal Specialist at Concord Hospital I was referred to Dr Trotman Haematologist who had been monitoring me for a different reason for 10 years. Dr Trotman used the app to find the most appropriate treatment available for the condition and referred me to Westmead Clinic and Dr Kwok. I believe the information gave me the best and quickest response for the treatment of my condition for which I am extremely grateful." 

 "You see - if we want a great health care system, yes we need hospitals and equipment, but to provide for an ever improving health system - we need research."
(Prof Jonathan Morris AM). 2016