Offer your patients all treatment options

ClinTrial Refer is a Mobile App platform to help connect patients, clinicians and clinical trial units across various clinical settings. Because the data comes directly from the participating units, it is current and comprehensive. It is easy to identify suitable trials for your patient. The collaboration amongst network clinicians in reciprocal cross referral enhances your patients' access to emerging therapies through clinical trial participation.

The reliable scientific method to take discoveries from the laboratory bench to the bedside is testing the safety and efficacy of these new interventions in clinical trials -- research studies that test new methods of prevention, detection, screening and treatment of diseases. Clinical Research Trials often offer a crucial treatment alternative for patients to access new therapeutic options.

ClinTrial Refer is free to download and easy to use, both in clinic and the multidisciplinary team settings.

Contacts for the sites are listed, and trial units are very happy to take referrals.

What can you do?

- Look for a clinical trial as part of standard treatment options.

- Do a quick screening using the inclusion and exclusion criteria on the app.

- Contact the site via the site details page - usually the Site Trials Manager, for information on how to cross-refer your patient.

- Let the site help you and your patient understand the purpose and complexities of the study.

Using ClinTrial Refer to refer your patient for a clinical trial

Finding a clinical trial

ClinTrial Refer Apps are catergorised by discipline, or by location. Search for an applicable app and download it to use. Or search for a trial that is relevant to your patient on this website. See where the closest location options are for your patient.

How to refer your patient for a clinical trial

You can contact the site directly from the ClinTrial Refer app- via email or phone, or from this ClinTrial Refer website.

The site (usually the study co-ordinator) can tell you how to refer your patients- e.g by referral letter to the investigator, or as required by the trial procedures.

Someone from the trial site will contact you regarding the progress of the patient through the critical steps of joining the trial.


The Consumers Health Forum have a fact sheet about clinical trials — Consumer guide to clinical trials (PDF, 130KB)  — useful for your patients.

Further resources are available on the resources page of this website.