ClinTrial Refer Mobile App – A template for any trials network 

The ClinTrial Refer App has bridged a critical gap in clinical research, facilitating better knowledge management, and allowing more equitable access to clinical trials.


Clinical research trials are a crucial treatment option for patients to access new therapeutic options. The most reliable and the only accepted scientific method to take discoveries from the laboratory bench to the bedside is testing the safety and efficacy of these new interventions in clinical trials -- research studies that test new methods of prevention, detection, screening and treatment of diseases.

Whilst large national and international databases of clinical research trials exist, it is a frustrating task for a clinician or patient to find suitable trials for individual cases. 

There was no easy and quick source of a current and comprehensive lists of open recruiting trials for any particular discipline. 

Even if a trial is found from these sources, the location is often only found by word-of mouth. There are many barriers to recruitment to research trials, and knowledge management was needed.

The information required resided in each of the trial units themselves. 

The ClinTrial Refer App delivers current information from all of these sites acting as one team, to all clinicians involved, including location details.  Clinicians sit in front of a patient, review their phone or tablet, and explain all of the options to the patient, including the choice of referral to another hospital offering a clinical trial. The referral process can happen smoothly and easily for both the clinician and the patient. ClinTrial Refer launched in May 2013 - free to download from the App stores. In NSW, a nine fold sustained increase in cross-referrals has been achieved. Now the app is being used as a template for other disciplines and geographical areas. Helping our clinicians and patients and then paying it forward. The ClinTrial Refer App has bridged the critical gap in clinical research, facilitating better knowledge management, and allowing more equitable access to clinical trials.

Roslyn Ristuccia and Judith Trotman are co-inventors of the ClinTrial Refer App.



Award-winning ClinTrial Refer is a not-for-profit project owned by:
South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, and Sydney Local Health District.

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